I’ve got today off from my regular job so I intend to work in the studio. I’m setting up for the open house, which starts tomorrow afternoon. I have ideas I’d like to work on, probably won’t get anything ready before then.

I’m also making cinnamon rolls to take to a friend. I’ll be hopping between the house and barn most of the day.

I’ve got to get off to a good start with my morning workout at Curves.

There are pros and cons, but to me, it is better than nothing and for many, it’s the only source of exercise they will get involved with.

I should know as a former owner of two Curves, that was the story with many of our customers.

I made several good and lasting friendships during my years as a business owner.

The upside was being your own boss, the downside was I had a business partner and as it turned out, things happened that were uncontrollable and we ended up selling the businesses.

It was a learning experience, one that I have chosen to grow from.

It was sort of doomed prospect in the first place, people wondered if we were just going to close up shop as our building  to the ground in a bizarre fire that took our an entire square block in Osceola, Iowa, in 2004. As a Phoenix, we rose from the ashes an opened a new place on the square and added another business to the mix.

My jewelry business is my endeavor, so I have no one to help or hinder.

I have to stick my neck out there and test the waters, maybe I’ll turn this into a real business and maybe not, I am the one to do it.

I read information on the Internet on how to promote your business and it’s work.

Blogging and social networking are important in this day and age. One jewelry artist said if you aren’t socially connected online, people will consider you out of touch, it can hurt your business.

Far be it from me to be socially challenged. Sometimes, I think about chucking the whole blogging thing, because it doesn’t seem to be getting me any followers as of yet, but then I’m of an age where I want instant gratification now. Maybe it’s because I grew up in a time when if you wanted something badly enough you saved your money until you have enough to buy it and didn’t use credit cards.

Doesn’t sound like such a bad way to go does it? But, as I digress, I will try to stay on task. It’s not easy starting a business, but I must admit, a franchise, although a more expensive alternative to starting a business, tends to provide a good support network. Of course they do, they want all franchisees to do well, so they will continue to make money.

As a jewelry designer and artist, you are on your own to research your best markets and the venues where you want to show your work.

I would like to have a retail outlet for my jewelry, get some exposure, but it has to be the right outlet, and it has to present my jewelry in a positive atmosphere.

I’m trying  to step out of my comfort zone and market my jewelry line. I know it isn’t for everyone and there may be a limited market, but at least I’m going to give it a try.

The first step was to take it to craft show, then I put some on Etsy, but haven’t sold any.

Now, I’m having an open house. I have to keep a positive attitude where it’s concerned. I hope for a big success.  I just have to try and not give up hope.


I’ve gotten comments from people who see my jewelry designs and ask me where I get my ideas.
I have to admit I literally dream some of them up.
I wake up in the middle of the night with an idea for a design and can’t wait until I can get to my studio and try to realize that dream-inspired design.
Sometimes it’s awesome and sometimes, it’s just awe.
One thing that helps is having the proper tools for wire work.
I have a variety of pliers, files and different gauge and texture of wire available to work with.
I’ve found a great source for tools, wire and instruction at Wire-Sculpture.com.
The support offered on this site and through the staff is great.
If you’re not sure what specific tool you need simply call their 800 number for support.
If you’re into wire sculpture or just curious about all the different tools available just visit the tool link on the website at http://wire-sculpture.com/jewelry-making-tools-1.html. and browse around.
You’re liable to become a tool junky like myself.

It’s a done deal. I’ve set the date for an open house for my jewelry. I sold at craft shows during the Christmas holidays and did quite well, it was suggested I make my designs available to a wider audience. Not everyone has time to go to craft shows.

I knew I’d have to set a date or I would just keep putting it off.

My studio has a double purpose. It is also my potting shed, I will need to make room on my workbench for trays of seedlings.

 I simply have a hobby addiction!

There isn’t room in the studio for my loom, which sits in the dining room and my scrapbook supplies take up half of the basement.

I’m starting today to clear space on at least one of the shelves hold my potting/gardening supplies for a jewelry display.

I have an idea for a new glass piece. I’ve experimented with different textures as designs between the layers of glass. So while I’m trying to sort things out on the shelves, I’ll also be seeing if my idea will work.

Sometimes it’s totally amazing what comes out of the kiln, then there are the uh oh moments, the times I look at the finished piece and wonder what I was thinking.

There are a lot of specifics to firing glass. Temperature, COE and what the materials are you’re trying to fuse.

There are several different types of fuses. I usually use a full fuse, but I’ve also done some pieces using a tack fuse method, which just anneals the pieces of glass than a full fuse where the glass is smooth and rounded into a  finished piece.

Tack fuse creates a more textured design and is used to create specific designs.

Well, as close to a design as possible.

I have used some pieces of broken glass from pieces that broke during firing and created some freeform pendants that I’ve wire wrapped to finish them.

Just another way to make them stand out from the crowd.

I’ve been learning a new art. Wire wrapping some of my fused glass pieces gives it a new dimension I find exciting.
I’m getting better and learning as I go.
There are lots of articles and videos out there that show different techniques, but one source I really like is wiresculpture.com.

I signed up for the tip of the day and I think I’ve gone through  the sites entire archives. Some articles I don’t find helpful, but several of them I have.

I’m just getting started in the jewelry business and find it a little intimidating at best.

This time last year, I was a journalist for our local weekly paper and tech coordinator for the Catholic school. I’m still at the school, but no longer work for the paper.

I’ve had a few people tell me they missed my stories, so I have finally taken a breath in the effort to get started with this blog, which I have been going to do since I left the paper, June 30.

Since that time, I have expanded my jewelry making hobby into a business that hopefully, will develop a following.

I’ve worked with beaded jewelry for quite some time off and on, usually only when I needed something special for an outfit or occasion.

I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night with an idea and can’t wait until I can see if I turn the idea into a real piece of wearable art.

I like the creating part, but I’m not too fond of the business side, i.e., promoting, photographing the pieces and pricing them for retail sale. I’m always afraid I’m going to offend someone with my prices.

So this blog is going to cover both the need for some people to read my stuff and to promote my jewelry techniques, teachings and testimony.